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The PTFA Santa's Grotto is a chance for your child to buy presents for YOU and other family members! All the presents cost £3 and come ready wrapped to keep them a surprise until the big day. The children will get a chance to see all the gifts; we have options for everyone from Granny to younger siblings.

All the children will have the chance to visit the grotto during class time on the 4th for Reception and KS1 or 5th for KS2, and we will also be open on Wednesday the 6th from 8:30 to 8:45.

If your child wishes to buy anything, please send them in with the money, for the younger children we suggest in a sealed envelope with a list of who they are buying for. 

Past Events: 2023-2024 


29th September 2023 : Meat Draw

18th November 2023 : Oaty & Joey's Family Fun Night

Past Events: 2022-2023 


23rd September 2022 - PTFA - Welcome Afternoon

25th November 2022 - PTFA Movie Night

13th - 15th December 2022 - PTFA Christmas Grotto

11th February 2023 - Oaty & Joeys

23rd May 2023 - 15:00 - PTFA AGM

17th March 2023 - PTFA KS1 Disco

17th March 2023- PTFA KS2 Disco

17th June 2023 - 13:00-15:30 - PTFA Summer Festival

23rd & 30th June, 7th & 14th July - Frozen Fridays

Summer Festival 2023