Vauvert Primary School

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Eco Warriors

Vauvert’s Eco-Warriors’ mission is a simple one: To work together to improve the school’s immediate environment and to raise environmental awareness in general for the benefit of everyone at Vauvert School.


Formed a couple of years ago, the group has recently had a relaunch and are already throwing themselves into all sorts of projects and are actively seeking out responsibility in order to meet their objective. Often seen collecting litter from the school’s playgrounds or tending to the flower beds in The Secret Garden, the group also explore opportunities to take their enthusiasm and energy out into the local community and to bring some of Guernsey’s broader ecological issues into the classroom to further learning.


Participating in, and maintaining the effectiveness of, this group will ensure that the children of Vauvert have access to many of the different rights laid out in the UNCRC, but particularly articles 24 (right to a clean environment) and 15 (the right to establish and join groups).


The group always welcomes new members and we encourage children to think carefully about what the word ‘environment’ means to them and us as a school before they commit their time and energy.