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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Mr. Walters - Headteacher

Mrs. Wilbraham - Deputy Headteacher

Deputy Head Teacher and Year 1 and 2 Leader

Mrs. Jehan - SENCO

Reception Staff

Miss Brookes EYFS Leader and Teacher
Miss Duncan - LSA
Miss Guest - LSA
Mrs. Edwards - LSA
Mrs. Young - EYFS Teacher

Infant Staff

Mrs. Holt - Y2 Teacher
Miss Dyke - Y1 Teacher
Mrs. Mellor - Y1 Teacher
Mrs. Harrison - LSA
Mrs Mackay - Year 2 Teacher
Mrs Wilson - Year 2 Teacher
Mrs Foss - LSA
Mrs Bougourd - LSA

Lower Junior Staff

Mr McGahy - Year 3 Teacher and Year 3 and 4 Leader
Miss O'Hara - Y4 Teacher
Mrs. Cox - Y4 Teacher
Miss Langlois - Yr 4 Teacher
Mrs. Palmer - LSA
Mrs Truelove - LSA
Mrs Wray - LSA

Upper Junior Staff

Miss Neville - Year 5 Teacher, Year 5 and 6 Leader
Mrs. Thomas - Y5 Teacher
Mrs. Palmer - LSA
Mrs. Smart - Y6 Teacher

PPA teachers

Mrs. Collenette
Mrs Bichard

LSAs working throughout the school

Mrs. Wray
Mrs. Easden

Other teachers you will see around school

Mrs. Gidney
Mr. Darling
 Mrs. Bourgaize
Mrs. Stevenson
Mrs. Matthews

People in the Office

Mrs. Turian
Mrs. Jones


Mr. Lesbirel

Other people who help you at Vauvert

Mrs. Coleman - LSA
Mr. De La Cour - IT Support