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Meet the PTFA

Meet the PTFA 1
Anna Taylor - Secretary with Melissa Conlon (not in photo), Caroline Dorey - Chair, Athene Scholl - Treasurer and Karen Archenoul - Vice Chair 

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About Us


Here at Vauvert we have a friendly and vibrant PTFA, with all our meetings being open to everyone. We meet approximately once every two months and organise fundraising activities for adults and children – and often for the whole family to enjoy together. Sometimes our focus is on trying to raise money for a particular project whilst some events are purely for the enjoyment of the children.


An exciting project that is currently underway is the Key Stage 1 playground, which is getting lots of new equipment. We have achieved a lot over the last year or two and are particularly proud of the school garden, which was totally updated and has a new pond. We also fund leaving books for year 6, maintenance of our popular fish tank and book tokens to reward children who are working hard and making progress. We are always open to ideas regarding how to spend the money we raise; we do hope you will come along to one of our meetings to find out more. 

Who We Are


Our current committee members are:

Caroline Dorey – Chair

Karen Archenoul – Vice Chair

Athene Sholl – Treasurer

Anna Taylor and Melissa Conlon – Secretaries


Remember, our meetings are open to everyone. Even if you don’t want to come to meetings, we are always grateful for helpers. Please email putting what you can offer, e.g gardening, general help, in the subject box.

Second-hand uniform


Pre-loved, 'vintage' even! Donations of unwanted uniform are always much appreciated.


Please wash all donated clothes and remove all name tags before handing them in to the Secretaries' Office.


Should you require any uniform in between sales, just leave a note in the PTFA box by the Secretaries' Office, noting:

  • Your child's name and class (so we can get in touch)
  • What items of clothing you require
  • What age


We'll get back to you once we've checked through our supply. Please support your PTFA - all proceeds go towards events and activities we provide for your children. Many thanks!