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Infants: 0845 - 1445


Juniors: 0845 - 1500


Please make every effort to ensure your child does not arrive at school before 8.30am, as we only supervise them from that time onwards.  But also try to be punctual. It makes a huge difference to pupils, that they have had time to meet and socialise before the start of the day. 


A school uniform gives each child a sense of identity, and pride to be wearing the colours of the school or

their house.


The uniform consists of white polo shirts, blouses or shirts with grey skirts/pinafores/trousers/shorts, red and white gingham dresses and cardigans or sweatshirts with the school logo.  


All children should wear black shoes not trainers. For the younger children, it would be much appreciated if it is possible for shoes to have velcro fastenings.  Heels are considered dangerous around school, and therefore not permitted.


Children are discouraged from wearing items of dress or jewellery, not in keeping with a place of learning.  It is inappropriate to wear make-up and to have more than one pair of studs. Earrings need to removed for sports and swimming. Staff are not permitted to remove earrings.




Bathers, caps and wraps (caps can be purchased from the School office.  

House colours are available for Key Stage Two children.
Trunks not shorts or ‘baggies’, and one-piece costumes not bikinis, must be worn

We do not encourage the use of goggles in school swimming lessons but some children may suffer eye soreness due to the water treatment.  Please inform the teacher, in writing, if your child needs to wear goggles for swimming sessions.



Reception, Year 1, Year 2  -  T-shirt and shorts, daps or trainers (no football kits please)  

Years 3 – 6  - Shorts & T-shirts in house colours, and trainers



Years 3 - 6  - Clothing and footwear as above, joggers , change of clothing for football


House Colours        Cambridge – blue     Delancey – green,     Saumarez – red

With safety in mind please could long hair be tied back for all games lessons.  On the days when your child has P.E., games or swimming lessons children should not come to school wearing jewellery, watches etc.

Studs, if worn, must be removed for P.E. and swimming lessons.  If earrings or studs cannot be removed your son/daughter will not be allowed to participate in games or swimming lessons. School staff are not authorised to remove earrings.


If your son/daughter has a verruca either a swim sock or flip flops should be worn to the pool and put back on immediately on exiting the pool.



The school uniform can be purchased from (amongst others) Fletcher Sports in the Commercial Arcade, on the Bridge or online at  



Vauvert Primary School Reception Registration Form



If your child is unwell, please phone the school on 01481 220419 or email stating the reason for your child's absence.


If you do not contact the school within 5 days, your child’s absence will be deemed as unauthorised.


Please note that if your child has been sick or has had diarrhoea, they should not come back into school until 48 hours after the last time they have been ill.



Our school nurse is Suzanne Torode. Her phone number is: 01481 725241. Alternatively, you can talk to Mrs Jehan about any concerns that you would like passed to Suzanne.


The Education Department informs parents that, “Under the Education (Guernsey) Law 1970, the Education Department is responsible for providing education for children between five and fifteen years of age.  However, it is the responsibility of parents to ensure their children receive full-time education and, as far as possible, avoid any disruption to that education.”


We have become increasingly concerned about the number of pupils who take one or two weeks family holiday during term time.  This is particularly disruptive to a pupil’s learning as the work missed may not be readily caught up on.  One week taken in the middle of a term, for example, will also therefore put that pupil’s progress at a disadvantage.  Teaching staff will be under no professional obligation to set and mark work in these circumstances. The school has taken this policy in order to put the academic interests of the children first. 


As from September 2016, the Education Department state the following:


'You will be aware that schools and the Education Service promote high levels of school attendance.

With this in mind, it has been agreed by head teachers and education officers that from 1st  September 2016 any holiday a pupil takes during term time will not be authorised.

If parents do intend to arrange for their child to have holiday in term time, for safeguarding reasons they will be required to inform the head teacher of their intention and the dates of the holiday.  The difference from previous years is that the head teacher will note the absence as unauthorised rather than possibly authorised. Any holidays from September 2016 that parents have already informed school about will now be noted as unauthorised absence.

We see this policy as an important part of parents and schools working in partnership to support children's learning.’


If you intend to go on holiday during term time, please complete the form attached below and return to the school office.


Leave of Absence Application Form

Free s

Free School Bus

Free sc

Free school buses are provided morning and afternoon from the Collings Road / St. Jacques area.  Free bus vouchers are also available in certain cases, from Education Services, for travel on scheduled buses to and from school.

The following rules must be observed:-

  • Drivers must not be disturbed while driving.
  • Pupils should remain seated at all times.
  • No eating or drinking is permitted on the bus.
  • In order for the drivers to keep on time, pupils should disembark at designated 

         stops only. Drivers will only drop pupils at other areas if directed to by Education Services.

  • In order to reduce the risk of accidents pupils should remain at the bus stop until the

         bus has pulled away.

Misbehaviour on School Contract Buses will result in the pupils being excluded for a fixed period.  A written warning will not always be given first.


The school committee meet once a term to support the school in its work.  The members of the committee are:


Christine Goodlass - Chair


Di Rabey


Katina Jones


Jon Sebire