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Sunday 25th September 2016

A team of parent and teacher helpers gave up their Sunday morning to come and paint the wall behind the school. Thanks for brightening the Infant passageway up - it looks great and really shows off the fabulous plants and new flooring. A job well done!

Summer Fayre: 25th June 2016

The bunting has been taken down, the cash has been counted and we made a profit of £3218.71! We're thrilled with this, and the children will all benefit from an improved library, which will be refurbished over the summer holidays.

Thank you to the committee, all our helpers and everyone who came along. We hope to add some photos in due course.

Gardening Morning: Sunday 22nd May

Thanks so much to everyone who came along to help tidy up the garden - it's looking great.

Quiz Night: Friday 20th May

Our Quiz Night was a great success - we had a lovely time and raised over £900! Many thanks to Robin Bailey and Lester Purdue for being our quizmasters (we don't feel the same about drinking tea after our 'taste test').

Bingo Night: Thursday 24th March

Another great family event, watch this space for another one!

Film Night - Friday 29th January

Our last Film Night was as popular as ever and we raised almost £600!

Christmas disco with trimmings - Friday 11th December

This was a great success and we raised over a thousand pounds!!

Summer Fayre 2015

Summer Fayre 2015 1 All ready for the 2015 Summer Fayre!
Summer Fayre 2015 2 Spongebob beckoned passers-by to join in the fun
Summer Fayre 2015 3 Dave the Minion and friends
Summer Fayre 2015 4 Mrs Wall's day got better when she won the raffle!
Summer Fayre 2015 5 Dave the Minion revelled in the adoration
Summer Fayre 2015 6 Spongebob successfully pinned the blame on Mr W
Summer Fayre 2015 7 Thanks officer!
Summer Fayre 2015 8 Thumbs up for Vauvert pupils
Summer Fayre 2015 9 Dave the Minion: 'Hey kids, I'm over here!'
Summer Fayre 2015 10 Who could resist a stick of Vauvert Rocks rock?
Summer Fayre 2015 11 The Summer Fayre in full swing

Beetle Drive - Friday 24th April

We raised £98.15 and had lots of fun. Miss Le Page, our Beetle Drive expert, was missed!

dirty dancingMums' Film Night - Friday 20th March

Our children's film nights are always a success so we thought we'd try something new: a Mums' Film Night. We watched Dirty Dancing, had a drink or two and came away with some lovely goodie bags. Watermelons were carried, ice creams were eaten, raffle prizes were won and a Patrick Swayze/Baby dance routine was attempted (it didn't quite look like this)!



Gardening/DIY Morning - Sunday 8th March 2015

Gardening/DIY Morning - Sunday 8th March 2015 1 Jo, Michele & Rhian - armed and ready for action
Gardening/DIY Morning - Sunday 8th March 2015 2 Bags R Us? That's no way to talk about our helpers
Gardening/DIY Morning - Sunday 8th March 2015 3 Treasurer Athene & Aoife - not just good with £££
Gardening/DIY Morning - Sunday 8th March 2015 4 One of our beautiful planters
Every now and again we get together on a Sunday morning to tidy up the garden and, in this case, do a bit of DIY. We hope you'll come along to the next one, they're always a lot of fun!